Issue: After visualizing a physical Windows XP machine, Windows requires activation. Background: After converting a PC from physical to virtual, Windows recognizes that there has been a hardware change.  This will send it into “Activation Mode”, which will require you to activate Windows XP before use.  In order to work around this, you can apply a new VALID key […]

Simply open a Command Prompt and run: slmgr -dli License Type Description Retail This when you buy a Full Packaged Product (FPP), commonly known as a “boxed copy”, of Windows from a retail merchant or purchases Windows online from the Microsoft Store. Product keys can be transferred to another PC. OEM Product keys are issued […]

Volume Shadow Services and Robocopy to the rescue! Offline Files can be a fickle beast. Mighty useful, but fickle. I’ve got one user I support whose offline files cache constantly finds itself in a corrupt state, with no logical explanation as to why. The fix is to reinitialise the cache, which has been keeping them […]