Hi, If you are facing this error message when trying to RDP to a Domain-joined Server : The connection cannot be completed because the remote computer that was reached is not the one you specified. This could be caused by an outdated entry in the DNS cache. Try using the IP address of the computer […]

Hello, SQLPlus as SYSDBA remotely can throw the following error due to security reason : >sqlplus sys/syspass@servername/instance as sysdba SQL*Plus: Release Production on Mer. Ao¹t 30 14:25:48 2017 Copyright (c) 1982, 2011, Oracle. All rights reserved. ERROR: ORA-01031: insufficient privileges   To allow to connection, connect locally using SQLPlus and make sure the parameter […]

Today, I was facing an issue where my Veeam Backup job failed on one Oracle Server hosting many Instances. Only one of them was failing and Veeam reported the following error : Processing SERVER_NAME Error: Unfreeze error: [Backup job failed. Cannot create a shadow copy of the volumes containing writer’s data. A VSS critical writer […]

When running vCenter Server, you can clone the VM and it will prompt you for new customization settings. Without it… You will need to manually copy the VM files (or only the VMDK if you attach it to a newly created VM). Then run Sysprep to configure it and avoid duplicate SID. Shutdown your VM […]