When running vCenter Server, you can clone the VM and it will prompt you for new customization settings. Without it… You will need to manually copy the VM files (or only the VMDK if you attach it to a newly created VM). Then run Sysprep to configure it and avoid duplicate SID. Shutdown your VM […]

Issue: After visualizing a physical Windows XP machine, Windows requires activation. Background: After converting a PC from physical to virtual, Windows recognizes that there has been a hardware change.  This will send it into “Activation Mode”, which will require you to activate Windows XP before use.  In order to work around this, you can apply a new VALID key […]

If some VMs appear as invalid or inaccessible (often due to a power outage, storage unavailable, …) You can use the following PowerShell command line through PowerCLI : Get-View -ViewType VirtualMachine | Where {$_.Runtime.ConnectionState -eq “inaccessible”} | %{$_.reload()} Replace “inaccessible” by “invalid” if required. This will reload the VMs  and bring them back if the […]

To configure and enable SNMP on ESXi, connect to your host using SSH and execute the following commands. Set community to “public” esxcli system snmp set –communities=public Set the target IP who will receive SNMP information on port 161 esxcli system snmp set –targets XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX@161/public Enable SNMP esxcli system snmp set –enable true