About me

Hello everyone ! 🙂


First of all, let me introduce myself.

My pseudonyme is sinN_ and I’m 28. I’m Belgian, living near Liège. My mother tongue is French but I will write this Blog in English as this language is the most used in IT and people around the World.

I have always been passionate by the IT but I never found a real interest in what I learned at high school. At that moment, only programming and infographics, which I did (or tried… 😉 ) were available.

This is why I stopped the high school and started learning what I loved and what I’m still doing right now : Networking, Virtualization and System Administration. Indeed, now, I’m now working with much more technologies but those remain my main knowledge’s.


Now, maybe you may want to know the purpose of this Blog ?

In fact, I felt the need to save my experience, save the work I did, how I did it, why I did it on a easy platform instead of just creating a bunch of  document files. Then, I asked myself “Why don’t you share ? This could help many people like you”.

This is how this IT Blog is born with the simple goal to share my experience and I hope, help others like they did for me.


Good reading ! 🙂