HP-UX – File System full, stuck at boot


I faced an issue where one of my HP-UX server’s partition became full and won’t let it fully boot. I’ll describe the steps I did the resolve the issue.

  • Reboot the server and cancel the HP-UX boot when you get the 10 seconds cool down by pressing any key. On Itanium server, you’ll face the “HPUX >” prompt.
  • Boot into single user mode by typing :
HPUX > boot vmunix -is
  • The system will boot without any problem this time. Try to mount all File System by typing :
mount -a

Note : If you get an error saying the File System is corrupted, run “fsck /dev/vg00/lvolX” on the listed partitions. One done, you can mount them again without any problem.

  • Once mounted, you gain access to all System commands like “bdf”, “sam”, “ls”, … In my case, using “bdf” showed my /var folder was 100% full.
  • I used “sam”, went to “Routine Tasks” menu to clean up/trim old Logs. (mail.log was logging to much errors and consumed too many space, in my case).
  • Finally, just issue the “reboot” command and let the server boot normally.


Hope this help.


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