Install VMWare Tools on Linux VM using open-vm-tools

Hello everyone,


This article will show how to install VMWare Tools on a Linux VM. For this example, I’ll do it on a Debian/Ubuntu & CentOs Distributions.

First thing to know is you can install VMWare Tools as you do on a Windows VM by Right-Clicking the VM – Guest – Install/Upgrade VMWare Tools. VMWare already has a good article on HowTo do it here.

But ! VMWare itself recommends installing 3rd Party OS VM Tools Package named “open-vm-tools” so I’ll go ahead with is installation which is easier and faster than installing VMWare’s own tools from vSphere Client.

For Debian/Ubuntu :

  • Log on to your Server as root and update apt-get
apt-get update
  • Install “open-vm-tools”
apt-get install open-vm-tools


For CentOs :

Depending on your CentOs version, you should be or not be able to install the package instantly from the default Repo if you have one of the latest version, here 7.2. If earlier version, maybe you will need to add a Repo.

  • Install “open-vm-tools”
yum install open-vm-tools
  • Start the service
service vmtoolsd start


Done. Hope this helps.



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