BGInfo – Display Windows information on Background and deploy using GPO


I have just set up BGInfo on my Servers and I will share with you the steps I followed to get it customized and deployed through GPO.


At the time I write this, the version is 4.22.


  • Extract it and copy Bginfo.exe to \\domain.local\NETLOGON\BGInfo\

BGInfo folder has to be created. If you face permission problem, logon to your DC and create it in its local location : C:\Windows\SYSVOL\domain\scripts\BGInfo


  • Run Bginfo.exe and customize it to suit your needs.

I will not explain how it works as it’s pretty simple. Once configured, save it (File – Save As) in the same folder. You can name it what you want. for this example I used “Bginfo.bgi”.


  • Create a new Batch file in the same folder, in this example named “Bg_script.bat” which will contain the following and will be executed by your GPO in the next steps :
@echo off
\\domain.local\NETLOGON\BGInfo\Bginfo.exe /nolicprompt /timer:0 \\domain.local\NETLOGON\BGInfo\Bginfo.bgi

The argument “/nolicprompt” remove the licence agreement and “/timer:0” apply it without delay. For more information on arguments, check the download link given above.


  • Create a new GPO and link it to your Servers Organization Unit. The settings I used are :


As you can see, the script is executed at Logon on User’s context (yeah I know, I said to apply the GPO on your Servers Organization unit). This is why the GPO Loopback Processing mode is enabled. For more information, consult Microsoft documentation here :


  • Ok, at next logon, you should have your new BGInfo applied.

In my case, it’s mostly instant on Windows Server 2008 (R2) but takes a few seconds/minutes on Windows Server 2012 (R2).

Hope this helps!




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