Cannot add disk or item to existing Windows Backup plan

On Windows Server 2008 it could happen that you cannot:

  • Add a new disk to the scheduled backup if another disk is offline
  • Add a new item to backed up if one of the disks is offline


The workaround is to do what you need using “wbadmin.exe” in command line.

To add a new disk:

Wbadmin get disks

Copy the “disk identifier” (GUID) of the disk that you want to add.

Wbadmin enable backup –addtarget:<GUID>

 To add a new item to be backed up:

Wbadmin enable backup –allcritical –include:N:\*

– allcritical will include the bare metal recovery and system state and important local disks.

-include:N:\* will include the N: drive and all sub items. You can separate drives using a ,


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